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Yash Mehta is an internationally recognised deep-tech columnist, entrepreneur and author featured in over 125 publications globally. He has authored and published 2100+ articles in various authoritative publications, his articles have together garnered over 50 million views. The most powerful platforms that Yash has created are Expersight and Intellectus.


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Become a Thought Leader and dominate your industry through Media Jacking and SEO.

Yash Mehta - Mastering Thought Leadership through Media Jacking

Yash Mehta - Mastering Thought Leadership through Media Jacking

I have summed my decade-long learnings, experience, insights and lessons in this book of 6 chapters.

Each chapter will answer critical questions and prepare you to kickstart your thought leadership journey. I have shared my personal techniques at the end of each chapter, which you can practice to build expertise.

After completing this book, you can dominate your niche and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Thought Leadership

The chapter starts with a clear and concise definition of Thought Leadership from a digital media perspective. Later we learn about what a successful thought leader profile looks like.

Search Optimization

SEO is critical to establish yourself as a thought leader on the Internet. For machines, semantics, search crawlers and AI to learn about you, you need to optimize your digital presence to get seen on search engines on your target keywords. I help you get on Wikipedia and a Google Knowledge Panel in your name.

Building a Media Kit

We start with understanding available thought leadership platforms, and then curate a list of what might be most essential for you to explore and engage on. Then I share the exact step-by-step process of building a solid media kit.

Search Jacking

Search Jacking is the art of getting multiple spots on the first page of search engines on your target keywords. With years of practice, editorial relationships and CMS publishing access, I decoded the exact steps you can use to acquire multiple spots on search engines for a single keyword.

Understanding Editorial mindset

Have you ever wondered how media publications work and what goes in the head of editors while reviewing your thought leadership articles? We dive deeply into this topic and crack perfect strategies to get your content approved for publications like a breeze.

Case studies

I have included 6 solid case studies of 100 million dollar+ brands on how I helped them become a thought leader in their industry. The 

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Overcome your thought leadership challenges through a free strategy consultation call

Book a 30 mins consultation call to enjoy a complimentary thought leadership strategy for your business or professional career. I will understand the landscape and challenges in your industry; later provide the best media jacking techniques, tools and strategies to dominate your industry as a thought leader.

Organizations founded by Yash Mehta

Esthan Media

Esthan is a leading result-driven PR and Content agency specialising in growing Data Management, IoT, Blockchain and SaaS businesses. We publish our clients on authoritative publications by building their overall PR, SEO and Thought-Leadership.

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Expersight is a market intelligence, research and advisory firm that generates actionable insights on emerging enterprise technologies for IT professionals to stay ahead of the curve. Expersight Influencer Network is a free thought leadership platform for experts.

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Intellectus is an exclusive and invite-only thought leadership platform for experts who come together to share their ideas, insights and thoughts on our partnered publications. Intellectus has partnered with 55 publications in the US, EU and A-Pac region.

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Thought Leadership Case Studies

The Esthan group has created several robust platforms, tools and programs in the thought leadership space. Individuals and companies can join these programs or use our tools to claim benefits from our publishing network.

How K2View landed on 100+ publications and dominated the fabric market?

Ioterra Logo

How Ioterra ranked on the most competitive keywords in the product development industry?

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How GoldMint won the trust of potential investors and establish their coin?

Created 300+ Thought Leaders

Over 300 experts actively share their ideas, insights and thoughts freely every month with the help of our tools, platforms and services.

Start your thought leadership journey today

Join the Expersight Influencer Network (EIN) to share your ideas, insights, thoughts and opinions on our global research platform and partnered publications.

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Learn Media Jacking and PR

Become a Thought Leader and dominate your industry through Content, PR and SEO.

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